You can play the ZUMAR DELUXE as an explorer. The marbles will block only one space, so it is up to you to fill in the rest. To win, you must shoot all the moving bubbles by hitting or creating groups of identical bubbles. This is done by hitting or creating groups of identical bubbles and shooting the bubbles towards the moving bubbles. You must eliminate all of them to win. This must also be done on each level, regardless of the difficulty. We wish you all the best and we hope you have as much fun here as possible!



How to play

1. Begin by touching the area on the screen that you want to capture the image.

2. Match three or more marbles to remove a group. Before the chain reaches its end, remove all marble lines.

3. To get the highest score possible in marble games, try to accumulate as many combinations as possible and marble shooter chains, and aim for three stars at every level.


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