Zonic Rush Toilet

Zonic Rush Toilet

Have you ever heard of Sonic the Hedgehog? Similar to another game called Zonic Rush Toilet, this one's goal is to help little Zonic go to the bathroom in time before something bad happens. You will only have a set amount of time to finish each level, so you must act quickly. Additionally, the game will create a number of obstacles and barriers that will keep you from achieving the desired outcome, so you must get past them as soon as you can. possible. Although the trials won't be too difficult, you may still unwind knowing that you won't be able to win the game if your reflexes aren't quick enough. Lucky you!

How to play

The arrow keys are used to move the player about, while the right mouse button is used to destroy boxes and other objects.

Players can move about and jump on mobile devices by touching the game buttons, and touching the boxes will demolish them.

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