Zen Triple 3D

Zen Triple 3D

Playing Zen Triple 3D, a challenging yet relaxing matching game that can be played in your spare time, will satisfy even the busiest people. Your free time will become more valuable than it has ever been as a result. Since this game is based on actual events, you'll be familiar with many of the 3D themes and elements that make it such a fun and vibrant experience. You have to find three identical objects inside a rotating sphere. Be aware that there are some situations in which you will receive more bonus points for cutting down on your search time. You will receive a substantially higher overall score if you are successful in finishing the work on time and earning extra points than you would otherwise. A wonderful time!

How to play

- Discover 3 identical objects! You only need to find and connect three items that are similar to one another till the bubble ball is completely clean to solve the problem and become an expert at it.

- Turn the ball around completely! The main distinction is that you may rotate the bubble containing all of the objects to view them from any angle.

- Use the props as necessary! Despite the fact that it can be challenging to tell the items in the bubble apart from one another, you can utilize props to speed up the process.

Zen Triple 3D
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