Mr Noob Hook Hero

Mr Noob Hook Hero

Are you a fan of the Mr. Noob series of games? If so, here's one more game on the character Mr. Noob called Mr Noob Hook Hero. This time, Mr. Noob decided to play the role of a hero and take on the challenge of navigating a world full with foes and perilous things. You'll need to rotate and time your swings so that you can successfully strike each of the different anchors in each level before you can swing to the next anchor and hit the goal. You are going to run against foes and challenges along the road that will stop you from achieving your objective; the question is, will you be able to get through all of them and get to the endpoint?

How to play

If you're playing on a PC, move the character that has you hooked using the left mouse click.

If you use a mobile device or tablet, touch the screen and release it to become hooked.

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