Mini Clash War Z

Mini Clash War Z

Hello, and thank you for choosing to play the engaging miniature battle strategy game known as Mini Clash War Z. It is a game that combines action and strategy, and you shouldn't pass it up. You will improve your ability to add numbers and calculate your motions if you are successful in commanding your small army and winning battles. The objective of the game is to finish each level by engaging in a war of strategic moves, increasing the size of your army until it has the required number of men to conquer the opposing base. To get rid of the soldiers who are stationed in various areas of your base, you will need to determine your motions by tallying the total number of soldiers involved in each movement.


How to play

Please use the right mouse button. Use the right mouse button to play the game and control your soldiers.

When playing on mobile devices, you'll need to touch both the screen and the user interface buttons.

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