Milk The Cow

Milk The Cow

Have you ever milked a cow? If not, try to join the experience in this exciting game Milk The Cow. First, choose to play with one player or two players in this game, you can invite a friend to join and complete the milking of cows together. Next, choose how long you can fill 6 buckets of milk: it could be 30 seconds, 40 seconds, 50 seconds, or 60 seconds. And finally start the game right away, fill the milk cartons as fast as you can in the time you have chosen or you are the loser. How fast you can be? Click now to play and have some good time

How to play

Press the buttons that appear on the screen to express milk, as soon as it is full, it will be replaced by the next bucket.

You have to fill all 6 milk buckets in time or you will lose the game

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