Vex 6
Food Empire Inc

Food Empire Inc

Welcome to Food Empire Inc game. Currently, the area of agricultural land is shrinking due to the construction of skyscrapers, so farming will happen in these buildings. Grow your business with lettuce and you will have a chance to get a huge amount of commission, upgrade your system when the opportunity arises, hire more people to reduce the burden and save time harvest. Good luck

How to play

Follow the intructions to play:

  • Tap on the worker to start farming
  • Your first sky-farm produced lettuce. Tap on the technician to move up from elevator
  • Lastly, tap on the worker on the motorbike to transfer the harvested products to our warehouse
  • After that, upgrade your sky-farm to produce more lettuce
  • Continue farming and the trainer will tell you the next steps
  • When you have too much work to do, you can hire managers to continue the process automatically
  • Develop your business when you reach $1000
Food Empire Inc
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