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Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker

Welcome to the game Cookie Clicker. In this game, your task is to click on the cookie on the screen. Continuously, each click, you will earn a cookie. As your number of cookies increases, you can purchase upgrades to increase the number of cookies per click.

Here are the updates that will be opened once you have reached the required number of cookies:
- CURSOR: When you reach 15 cookies. Auto-clicks once every 10 seconds
- GRANDMA: When you hit 100 cookies. A nice grandma will show up to make more cookies for you. This kindly woman will grow your cookie business - your cookies will become more popular in the neighborhood and then your product will be known all over the town
- FARM: the next level of your business - buy a cookie farm to grow more cookies
- MINE: to extract cookies from deep down the Earth
- FACTORY: after you exploit a huge amount of cookies form mine, you will need to produce cookies on an industrial scale
- Becoming famous and the cookie ECONOMY transforms the world around it - chocolate pollute the rivers, there's an obesity epidemic
- But people around the world are too hooked on cookies to stop - professionals say that "cookies permeate the economy", and "we cannot live without cookies"
- The cookie is now so popular that all BANKS have set it as currency
- At TEMPLES, thousands of people prayed for Baker. There is no value, there is no sense of anything but cookies, you can produce hundreds of thousands of cookies per second, things gradually get overwhelmed
- In the next level, you build WIZARD TOWERS and ALCHEMY LABS to summon cookies
- Next, you will fly in SHIPMENTS from Earth to alien's worlds
- Then, you can open more PORTALS to parallel dimensions, taking in millions of cookies per second to satisfy your need


Aliens and cosmic elders come to taste your cookies, and whole cities are sinked in trans-dimensional disaster; however,  the system cannot be stopped, it can only be grown and cookies are all we know. When you are ready, you can ascend to a brand new world– you leave the mortal world for a higher level of cookie existence, where you can buy special Heavenly Upgrades. Then, you are reborn in a new game, with no cookies, and start over. Meanwhile, you keep certain upgrades and bonuses from the old one to reach and surpass where you were before.



How to play

- Click repeatedly on the large cookie in the middle of your screen
- When you can unlock upgrades, you can create more value with just one click
- Try to create as much value as possible and build an enormous cookie empire in the universe


  • Try to reach cursor as the first upgrade
  • Click repeatedly to get Grandma's help
  • Expand to the farms
  • Work hard to reach Shipments level
  • Buy as many upgrades as you can
Cookie Clicker
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