Vex 6

Hello, and we want to express our gratitude for your participation in this multiplayer online action game known as If you want to stay alive, you must fight like a real soldier and take part in the conflict. You must participate in battle against formidable adversaries. Regardless of whether or not you have prior experience fighting in actual conflicts, this is a tremendously tough assignment to complete. Put together the appropriate arsenal of weapons and armor for the fight, and then give it everything you've got. Have fun!

How to play

<WASD> or <arrow keys> to move
<Left mouse click> to fire
<Right mouse click> to aim
<Space> to slide while moving
<Left shift> to run
<1, 2, 3> to change weapon
<E or F> to interact / pick up weapon
<G> to throw available dynamite
<H> to use available medkit
<T> to chat
<L> to toggle cursor lock
<C> to crouch Hold
<N> to show scoreboard
<Escape> to pause
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